DeathRiders, the fast and furious metallers hailing from California, Sweden and Netherlands featuring Neil Turbin the first powerhouse vocalist of Thrash Metal. Neil is the the first Thrash Metal screamer and original lead singer of east coast thrash pioneers Anthrax from September 1982 to August of 1984. DeathRiders has toured in Europe, Japan, Mexico and the United States and will unleash their debut album "The Metal Beast" after recording, mixing by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) and Jared Kvitka (Iron Maiden, Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Barnes) and mastering have all been completed.


  • Neil Turbin (DeathRiders, Bleed The Hunger, Anthrax)
  • Jonas Hornqvist (DeathRiders, Treasure Land, Bleed The Hunger)
    Lead Guitar
  • Richard Sword (DeathRiders, Sonic Assault, Mass Destruction)
    Bass Guitar
  • Gert Nijboer (DeathRiders, Highway Chile, Picture)
    Lead Guitar
  • Erik Lindstrand (DeathRiders, Sonic Assault, In Sanity)



The band takes it name "DeathRiders" from one of Turbin's original songs and was formed in 2001 in support of his solo album "Threatcon Delta".

Neil Turbin was the first permanent and original vocalist of Anthrax and helped pioneer Thrash Metal on their groundbreaking debut album Fistful of Metal and US Attack Tour ’84 with (NWOBHM band) Raven and Metallica.

Turbin was a key songwriter and major contributor writing all the lyrics and providing the main concepts to such well known metal anthems such as "Metal Thrashing Mad", "Armed and Dangerous", "Deathrider" and "Gung Ho" which were featured on Anthrax's first three releases as well as many subsequent live and greatest hits albums. Anthrax rose to #8 on the British charts with the release of Fistful of Metal.

Neil Turbin's vocals and song "Metal Thrashing Mad" is featured in the "Brutal Legend" soundtrack and his song is also featured on the multi-platinum "The Big 4" CD/DVD.

“Thrash is a style of heavy metal music that does stay true to certain fundamentals like guitar chugging and rhythmic percussive double bass drumming. It has also been perceived as an “all out play as fast as you can” style of metal. I believe it is more Thrash to have a singer who can belt it out with the best of them and combine that with driving, intense powerful music. There is no rule that says Thrash vocals have to be one-dimensional. I for one have my own metal thrashing mad style!!!!” Neil Turbin