DeathRiders News

DeathRiders Unveils It's New Lineup

DeathRiders the fast and furious metal band from Los Angeles featuring original Anthrax powerhouse vocalist Neil Turbin unveils it’s brand new lineup at the House of Blues – Sunset Strip, Los Angeles on Tuesday, August, 23, 2011.

Neil is quoted as saying: “This is the best group of guys I ever had the opportunity to work with! Right from the first time we played together there was a real chemistry and powerful musical connection. The boys definitely have their shit together and have done their homework. The musicianship is top-notch and the energy level is fierce!. Everyone is hungry, driven, committed and a team player. We are excited about the future and to keep pushing forward! DeathRiders are renewed, improved and ready to thrash stronger than ever. Thank you to the bands former members for all their efforts and best wishes for continued future success!”

DeathRiders Lineup

Mike Guerrero – Guitar (Hellion)

Jake Dreyer – Guitar (Jag Panzer)

Giovanny Torres – Bass (Ice Storm),

Peter Vazquez – Drums (Ice Storm)

Neil Turbin – Vocals

We look forward to unleashing the metal thrashing fury along with our metal brothers in Evil Dead, Hirax and Witchaven at House of Blues – Los Angeles for Rob

Sherriff and Hollywood Sherriff Productions.