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Cheers to 41 Years Rainbow Bar & Grill

Pictures and reviews from the 41 year Rainbow Bar & Grill Anniversary!

The Iconic Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip is the

place that rockers and stars mingle. Ronnie James Dio, Guns ‘n Roses,

Motley Crue, Lemmy, Led Zeppelin, LA Guns,

Mandy Lion, Black Sabbath, Ron Jeremy, Lita Ford, and countless other

Rock legends are just some of the folks who have called the “bow” their


The Rainbow Bar & Grill’s celebrated its 41st Anniversary on April 21st with a show in the parking lot featuring Faster Pussycat,

Phil Lewis of LA Guns, Michael Angelo Batio, Death Riders featuring

Neil Turbin (the original voice of Anthrax), Jon E. Love & the

Haters featuring Jon E. Love of Love/Hate/, STONEBREED,

A.H.M.A.D. and All Hail the Yeti. As you can imagine, the inside and

outside of the Rainbow, plus the parking lot, was packed with fans of

the bands and the Rainbow and they were there to partake in the party.

And why not? The Rainbow is a centerpiece of the Hollywood music scene

and is a world famous (or infamous) Rock ‘n Roll hangout.

The party started around 2 in the afternoon with A.H.M.A.D. kicking

off this festive occasion. This edgy LA band has one hell of a resume

and has been opening support for Dizzy Reed from Guns ‘n Roses, Dokken,

Stephen Pearcy from RATT, Neil Turbin from Anthrax, Phil Lewis of LA

Guns, Michael Angelo Batio, Faster Pussycat, Love/Hate and more. A band

can’t just jump on a stage like this. They have to be a great band and

A.H.M.A.D fits that bill. Their female lead vocalist (Erika Reneed) is a

mix of Courtney Love and Pat Benatar. Smoking hot with vocals to match,

this lady demands your attention on stage. However, she is backed up by

the rest of the guys in the band, including the guitar virtuoso who the

band is named after, AHMAD. I have seen this band a few times and if

you like true rock and roll sound and style this is your band. You can

see them perform with Dizzy Reed and his band “Hookers & Blow” at

the world infamous Whisky a Go Go May 28th.

Cheers to 41 Years Rainbow Bar & Grill

Photo credit:

ROCKwell UnScene/Rockwell Anderson Media

All Hail the Yeti; if you want Metal and not just on stage, but

spilled out into the crowd, this is the show for you. The band will tell

you that at a show anything can happen. “Blood, vomit, spit, fights,

laughter, broken bones, split skulls, stage diving, girls stripping,

drug induced, alcohol-fueled mayhem,” or to sum it up; an experience.

Props to All Hail The Yeti because they came into the home of Rock and

melted the faces of the crowd with a powerful Metal performance. It was

the first time I saw this band from start to finish and I was very

pleased. My husband had told me of their greatness, but it was great to

finally experience it for myself. If you take a fist-full of Metal and a

splash of Rock, and then blend it on full blast you have All Hail The

Yeti. I recommend this band to anyone who wants to experience a show and

not just hear music.

STONEBREEDd is a Hard Rock/Southern Rock/Metal/& Classic Rock

band all rolled into one. They are like a well packed joint; after one

hit you want more. I must confess I am a fan. That said, this show has

to be one of the best to date and I have seen them on stage at The Key

Club, HOB on Sunset and Disney, and a few other iconic stages, but this

show blew me away. All their show are worth seeing because they are true

fan pleasers. On stage they have the look and sound of a great Rock ‘n

Roll band, and off stage they are the nicest guys you will meet in the

music business. If you mixed classic Metallica with Ted Nugent with a

lil’ Skynrd, that is STONEBREED. Anyone who wants good old rock and roll

hit a STONEBREED show. This was a special show for these guys because

the Rainbow is a home away from home for them, and it also helped that

they were joined on stage by 3 California blonde bombshells representing

Jack Daniels for a song!

A party is not a party without Jon E. Love of Love/Hate. He took the

stage and had guest players Tony West of Black List Union and other

guest take the stage with him. Nothing is more exciting as a fan than

to see All Stars jump on stage and jam with the people they respect as

musicians. It was a true tribute to not only Rock ‘n Roll, but to the

Rainbow, the home of the Sunset Strip scene.

Death Riders were next up. Formed in 2001, this band was founded by

Neal Turbin who is the vocal father of Thrash Metal. Neil Turbin was in

the scene from its conception and the first official voice of

Anthrax. This Maverik of Metal was one of the first iconic voices of

Thrash Metal and he is still going strong. The crowd could not get

enough of his performance at the Rainbow’s 41st. The band sounded just

as good now, if not better than ever. Death Riders should be on the top

of the list of bands to see.

The fans got a bonus show when guitar icon Michael Angelo Batio

(formerly of “Nitro”) took the stage with Neal Turbin providing vocals,

playing all the greats including some Pantera. It really was a one and

only time type of a performance. If you are a guitar player, or an

aspiring guitar player who has never experienced Michael Angelo Batio,

do so whenever possible and learn from a true master.

Phil Lewis of LA Guns took the stage next, along with Kristy Majors

of Pretty Boy Floyd. Together they played an acoustic set featuring all

the top fan favorites of LA Guns. This set had to be one of my favs. My

favorite song is “The Ballad of Jayne” and they did not disappoint.

Still out on the road and kicking ass, see this legendary duo if you are

a Rock fan and Hair Metal is your medicine.

Faster Pussycat closed the night with introductions by both Ron

Jeremy & former Headbangers Ball Host Riki Rachtman. Let me tell

you, this set went above any expectations I could have for a Rock show.

Huge in the Glam Metal/Hair Metal Rock scene, this band not only took

LA by storm, they took the world by storm. They helped define the 80’s

on stage then and now. Their set dripped with sex, rock, and of course -

hair. It touched my heart to see the fans light lighters (not cell

phones) during “House of Pain”. I was more of a fan during this set

than a reporter. Whisked away into the moment and into my Rock ‘n Roll

fantasies, this had to be not only the best set of the night, but in my

top 5 ever.

Yes, the Rainbow threw the best party as it has been doing for 41

years. After all, that is what made the Rainbow the Iconic institution

and Legend it is today. If you are in town stop by for the best pizza in

Cali and you never know who you maybe rubbing elbows with.

Written by: Melissa Anderson,

Photos by: Rockwell Anderson Media,